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Come to the studio
Other people can visit the studio with you but may only watch. If you wish to visit the studio as a kind of academic field work or as part of a special group study visit, please let us know in advance so that we prepare an explanation of the experience, its history and the history and details related to the various costumes we have recreated.

Due to the size of the room, we can only take 6 people for the experience at one time. If observers are included we can accommodate up to 20 people maximum per group.

We have no child care space in the studio. Please do not bring children if they are not going to participate in the costume experience.


In the Waiting Room
In the beginning, you will put on special undergarments and tabi socks in the waiting room (about 20 min.). We also can provide special make-up upon request (free of charge). 控え室にて

In the Experience Room
First, choose your favorite costume. The sliding doors and tatami mats of the main room are all of the finest quality and were created by experienced specialists. The interior decoration and structure of the room is also worth carefully studying and photographing. 体験の間にて

One of our staff members will dress you in your chosen costume (about 20 min.). See how each layer and piece is carefully layered and arranged on you step by step. A special wig (osuberakashi) is also available (extra charge required). 着付け
濃長袴、紅単姿 紅梅五衣姿 薄紫表着姿 樺桜唐衣、裳姿
濃長袴、紅単姿 紅梅五衣姿 薄紫表着姿 樺桜唐衣、裳姿

Photo Session

You can take photos as many as you want with your own camera. If you visit the studio alone or if you want to take group photos, one of our staff members will help you.

Don’t forget to charge your camera battery and check that your camera’s memory is sufficient. We usually recommend several basic poses (front. back, sitting, etc.) that have been proven to be the best way to show off your new look.

※Photo Session with a Professional Photographer
Our skilled and highly experienced photographers will take professional photos of you dressed in your gorgeous Heian-period costume. This process takes about 3 hours. The photos will be sent you in a special photo album. We can also provide photos on a CD. Please enquire for details when you make your reservation.
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